When using the DripCap® or CubeCap®, your plants receive the same amount of water and fertilizer that you, the grower, originally intended to distribute. The 30% savings are derived from the cap’s ability to retain moisture that would normally have evaporated into the air when using drip stakes.

Acting like a vapour barrier, the DripCap® and CubeCap® reduce the rate of water evaporation in the growing medium. The evaporation rate in a warm room is usually higher than 50%. The caps keep the growing medium closer to the desired moisture level for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the necessary watering frequency.

When prematurely evaporated, moisture leaves behind a higher than desired ec/salt level in your growing medium. The DripCap ® and CubeCap® mediums have an increased flushing effect that help maintain a lower and more desirable ec/salt level.

Algae requires moisture and light to thrive. Both the DripCap® and CubeCap® minimize light, consequently reducing the algae’s ability to thrive. The preferred breeding ground for fungus gnats is an algae environment. With no algae environment available, fungus gnats cannot lay their eggs, which would have otherwise hatched into root-damaging, yield-decreasing yields.

The holes on top of some older model DripCaps® are there for a more uniform drip.

The pump is too strong, you are forcing too much water into the DripCap® at once.

Approx. 150 – 200 ML (milliliters) per minute, for a duration of 5 minutes, 2-6 times throughout the day; depending on the specific requirements of your plants.